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Black History and the Class Struggle

Black History and the Class Struggle No. 23

No. 26

Includes: "Democrats Paved the Way for Trump—We Need a Multiracial Revolutionary Workers Party!," "For a Class-Struggle Fight for Black Freedom," "Bye-Bye to the Mendacity of Hope," "Fascists Fueled by Trump Election," "Confederate Monuments: Tear ’Em All Down!," "Oakland: ILWU Work Stoppage Protests Lynch Rope Provocation," "Fascist Killers Strike in Charlottesville—For Labor/Black Mobilizations to Stop the Fascists!," "Race, Class and American Populism," "The Nat Turner Rebellion and the Fight Against Slavery," "Free State of Jones: A Movie Review," "Hurricanes and Man-Made Disasters—Puerto Rico Plundered by U.S. Colonialism," "Down With Racist Anti-Immigrant Drive!," "Trump Bashes Black Football Players—The NFL, Racism and U.S. Imperialism," "¡Viva Marshawn Lynch!," "Black Oppression: What Makes America America," "U.S. Capitalism Deadly for Black Mothers," "Democrats Exploit School Massacre—Gun Control Schemes: Threat to Labor, Blacks," "Racist Cops Kill Stephon Clark—Black Sacramento Seethes," "Starbucks: Arrested for Sitting While Black," "Texas: Black Woman Jailed... for Voting" (August 2018), 64 pages $1.50


· No. 25 Includes: "Ferguson: The Real Face of Racist Capitalist America," "Amid Protests Against Racist Police Terror: NYC Cop Backlash," "Attica: The Nightmare That Never Ends," "Break with the Democrats! For a Multiracial Workers Party! Baltimore: Racist Cop Terror and Capitalist Decay," "On the Charleston Massacre: Who’s Next?—Hate Your Enemy!," "Racist Terror and the Legacy of Slavery: Bloody Charleston," "San Francisco 1984: We Tore Down the Flag of Slavery!" "Sandra Bland’s Death: The Police Are Guilty," "Class-Struggle Road to Black Freedom—Part One: The Roots of Black Oppression; Part Two: Marxism vs. the Myth of 'White Skin Privilege'," "Defeat of Reconstruction and the Betrayal of Black Freedom," "Telling Some Truth, but Pushing a Myth: Notes on Ta-Nehisi Coates," "Black Oppression and the Fight for a Socialist America," "The Communist Fight Against Black Oppression: Leninism vs. Debs’s Socialist Party," "The Bankruptcy of Pressuring the Democrats—Selma: The Movie and the Real Story," "The Black Panthers Movie Review by M.J. Clancy," "Student Protests Shake South Africa" (July 2016), 64 pages $1.50

· No. 24 Includes:"Lincoln: A Review by Jacob Zorn," "150 Years Since the Emancipation Proclamation," "Mass Incarceration and Black Oppression in America," "Supreme Court Spits on Black Rights," "Zimmerman Goes Free, Detroit Goes Under—Capitalist America: Racist Hell," "Manning Marable’s Malcolm X: A Liberal’s 'Reinvention'," "The Rehabilitation of Booker T. Washington," "South African Government Promotes Reactionary Tribal Leaders,""Metal Workers Union Drops Electoral Support to ANC," (June 2014), 64 pages $1.50

· No. 23 Includes: "Strikers Defy State Repression, Betrayal by Union Tops: Platinum Miners Fight Mass Firings," "South Africa: Massacre of Striking Miners—Blood on the Hands of ANC/SACP/COSATU Government," "ANC/SACP/COSATU Tops: Front Men for Mining Bosses—Striking Miners Defiant After Massacre," "Marikana Miners Win, Strike Wave Spreads," "COSATU Congress: Bureaucrats Burn Literature Supporting Striking Mineworkers," "Miners Struggle Shakes Neo-Apartheid Capitalist Order: Break with the Tripartite Alliance! Fight for a Black-Centered Workers Government!," "Break with the Bourgeois Tripartite Alliance! Forge a Leninist-Trotskyist Party to Fight for a Black-Centered Workers Government! Populist Demagogue Malema and the ANC" (February 2013), 32 pages $1.00

· No. 22 Includes: "Virginia Governor Salutes Slavocracy— 'Confederate History Month': Racist Garbage," "Slavery and the Origins of American Capitalism," "Mexican-American War: Prelude to American Civil War—Finish the Civil War! For Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!," "150th Anniversary of Harpers Ferry Raid—Honor John Brown," "The Civil War: The Second American Revolution—Honor Abraham Lincoln!," "Commemorating the War That Smashed Slavery—Finish the Civil War!," "Racist Trash: Not Gone With the Wind Yet," "The Grant Administration (1869-1877) and the Rise of U.S. Imperialism" (July 2012), 56 pages $1.50

· No. 21 Includes: "Obama Offers Facelift for U.S. Imperialism," "Communist Organizing in the Jim Crow South," "Racist Police Terror U.S.A.," "Michael Jackson and Racist America," "South Africa: Mobilize Trade Unions Against Anti-Immigrant Terror!," "Racist, Sexist Furor Over South African Runner," "Black Liberation and the Fight for a Socialist America," "The Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement," "Mumia Is an Innocent Man! Free Him Now!," "Full Citizenship Rights for All Immigrants!," "Haiti: Mass Misery Under Imperialist Occupation," "Obama: CEO of Racist American Capitalism," "France: Down With Racist Anti-Roma Campaign!" (February 2011), 64 pages $1.50

· No. 20 Includes: "Jena Six: Racist 'Justice' U.S.A.," "Supreme Court: Segregation Forever," "Mumia Abu-Jamal: The Frame-Up of an Innocent Man," "Labor Black League Speaker at Harlem Mumia Rally: 'Strike!' and 'Free Mumia!' Should Ring Out in the Same Breath," "From Death Row, This Is Mumia Abu-Jamal: Immigration Blues," "The Legacy of Richard S. Fraser—Revolutionary Integrationism: The Road to Black Freedom," "South Africa: Permanent Revolution vs. 'Two-Stage' Stalinist Betrayal," "For Labor Protest Against Racist Cop Terror!—50 Rounds: NYPD Killers," "Immigrant Rights and the Fight for Black Liberation," "27 November 1982: 'We Stopped the Klan!'," "Join the Labor Black Leagues!," "Pascagoula Strike—Key Battle for Labor in the Open Shop South," "New Orleans Racist Atrocity—One Year After: Race, Class and the Fight for a Workers America.", (December 2007), 56 pages $1.50

· No. 19 Includes: "New Orleans: Racist Atrocity," "NYC Transit Strike: Union Power vs. Class Collaboration," "Black Women’s Narratives of Slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction," "AIDS in America: Racism, Poverty, Bigotry," "The Lynching of Emmett Till and the Fight for Black Liberation," "Hail Charles Darwin!", (March 2006), 48 pages $1

· No. 18 Includes: "A Life in the Black Panther Party—We Want Freedom—A Review of a Book by Mumia Abu-Jamal," "How the Liberals and Reformists Derailed the Struggle for Integration—For Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!", "The 'N' Word in Racist America.", (January 2005), 48 pages $1

· No. 17 "War on Terror" Means War on Immigrants, Blacks, Labor (July 2003), 48 pages $1

· No. 16 South African Workers Battle ANC Neo-Apartheid Rule (January 2001), 48 pages $1

· No. 15 Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! Abolish the Racist Death Penalty! (August 1998), 48 pages $1

· No. 14 Capitalist Rulers Wage War on Blacks, Immigrants (January 1997), 48 pages $1

· No. 13 Fight for Black Freedom, Fight for a Socialist Future! (February 1996), 48 pages $1

· No. 12 South Africa Powder Keg (1995), 48 pages $1

· No. 11 Stop the Klan! For a Workers America! (1994), 48 pages $1

· No. 10 Malcolm X: The Man, the Myth, the Struggle (1993), 48 pages $1

· No. 9 Los Angeles Explodes—There Is No Justice In Capitalist America (1992), 56 pages $1

· No. 8 South Africa and Permanent Revolution (1991), 48 pages $1

· No. 7 Black Soldiers Fight for Freedom: Glory (1990), 40 pages $1

· No. 6 Toussaint L'Ouverture and the Haitian Revolution (1989), 32 pages $1

· No. 5 Finish the Civil War! (1988), 32 pages $1

· No. 4 Black Soldiers in the Jim Crow Military (1987), 32 pages $.75

· No. 3 Massacre of Philly MOVE (1986), 32 pages $.75

· No. 2 On the Civil Rights Movement (1985), 32 pages $.75

· No. 1 Black History and the Class Struggle (1983), 16 pages $.25

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