Workers Hammer No. 229

Winter 2014-2015



In the article “ZA Bhutto: enemy of workers, Bangladesh independence”(Workers Hammer no 228, Autumn 2014), we referred to “chief minister Khalil of the NWFP” who was dismissed by Bhutto in 1973. He was the governor and not chief minister of the NWFP. His full name was Arbab Sikander Khan Khalil. In the introduction to the same article, we said that Part I of this two-part series was in Workers Hammer no 226, Spring 2014. It was in fact in Workers Hammer no 227, Summer 2014.

In the article “Ireland: anti-abortion hell for women” (Workers Hammer no 228, Autumn 2014), the young woman’s hunger strikes took place over two weeks and not three.