Workers Vanguard No. 1007

31 August 2012


On Cuba and AIDS



Dear WV,

From a 5/8/12 New York Times article the low rate of AIDS in Cuba vs. the US:

“The population of Cuba is only slightly larger than that of New York City. In the three decades of the global AIDS epidemic, 78,763 New Yorkers have died of AIDS. Only 2,364 Cubans have.

“Other elements have contributed to Cuba’s success: It has free universal basic health care; it has stunningly high rates of H.I.V. testing; it saturates its population with free condoms, concentrating on high-risk groups like prostitutes; it gives its teenagers graphic safe-sex education; it rigorously traces the sexual contacts of each person who tests positive.

“By contrast, the response in the United States—which records 50,000 new infections every year—seems feeble. Millions of poor people never see a doctor. Testing is voluntary, and many patients do not return for their results. Sex education is so politicized that many schools teach nothing about protected sex; condoms are expensive, and distribution of free ones is haphazard.”

My question to you is: do you guys have a mole working as a reporter for the Times?? What a great argument for socialism!

Jack L.