Workers Vanguard No. 1025

31 May 2013


On the Lockdown of Boston


[Received 13 May 2013]

Dear comrades,

I am writing to you in regards to the Workers Vanguard article: “In Wake of Boston Bombing—Ominous Display of Police-State Powers.” [See WV No. 1023, 3 May 2013.]

I live in the Brighton area of Boston and wish to comment on the events involved in the incidents in the wake of the bombings.

People here have commented on that when the police searched door to door. Those who refused were handcuffed and held down while the police ransacked their homes. People complained that this was a violation of their Fourth Amendment rights not realizing that the capitalist police and courts don’t give a damn about civil rights.

Most of the day the city was on lock down. I went out for about ten minutes and a few people in my neighborhood also ignored the order. People basically went out to find a food store open, fortunately some were open. This was mostly people who were poor, living in the warehouses known as the projects.

An open secret was that the state and city governments recently received from the federal government high capacity automatic weapons with hundreds of hollow tip armor piercing bullets. They were just looking forward to testing them out.

The local authorities and the bourgeois press have been milking the bombings ever since, especially the politicians running to fill John Kerry’s senate seat.

Your article was quite accurate and right on the money.

Alan N.