Workers Vanguard No. 1058

12 December 2014


Workers Vanguard Subscription Drive Success

The annual Workers Vanguard subscription drive ended on October 15, with comrades having surpassed our quota by obtaining 2,149.5 points. This points total represents 1,000 subscriptions to WV, 87 subs to Espartaco (newspaper of the International Communist League’s Mexican section) and 63 to the press of other ICL sections. Congratulations to comrade Alan from the Bay Area for earning the most points.

Our subscription drive is an opportunity for the Spartacist League and Spartacus Youth Clubs to pick up new readers of our press nationwide. It also is an opportunity for us to renew and maintain ties in places where we do not have branches and to get a wider sample of the country’s political mood. In addition to visiting various campuses near and far, we also intersected the organized working class through sales at Labor Day events and trips to places where there are strategic concentrations of the proletariat, such as at the ports.

The issues that spurred the most discussion during the sub drive were racist cop killings, particularly of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York City; the Israeli Zionist rulers’ latest massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the U.S. imperialist air strikes in Iraq and Syria. Our position in defense of the Palestinians was polarizing almost everywhere we went, including by attracting rabid opposition from Zionists. At anti-police brutality protests, we argued against illusions in the capitalist Democratic Party and federal government and explained the need to fuse the anger of black youth to the social power of the integrated working class.

By advancing our revolutionary Marxist program as part of addressing these and other struggles of workers and the oppressed, WV plays a crucial role in constructing the nucleus of a future Leninist vanguard party. We welcome our new and returning subscribers and encourage all readers to carefully consider our arguments, attend our public events, contact us and let us know what you think.