Workers Vanguard No. 1072

7 August 2015


Greek Trotskyists Initiate Call

Repudiate Syriza’s Sellout to the EU!


The following call, which has been translated from Greek, was initiated by our comrades in the Trotskyist Group of Greece on July 17 and distributed in Athens and elsewhere in the country.

Repudiate Syriza’s sellout to the EU and the banks. The EU and its currency the euro have been a tragic trap of suffering for the great bulk of the Greek people. The EU and euro must be repudiated. Committees composed of workers from different tendencies and their allies—youth, unemployed, immigrants, pensioners—must be set up throughout the country to struggle for this and toward a government which will act in the interests of the working people and be subordinated to them. This battle cannot be won within a parliamentary framework. We also call upon all like-minded and class-conscious working people throughout the misnamed European Union to support us in our aims and to consider the implications for their own countries. Break with the Capitalists and their Banks!

Build workers action committees to fight for:

Mobilize now! Hand this leaflet out at your workplace, campuses, neighborhoods, etc.