Workers Vanguard No. 946

6 November 2009



A photo used in the article “Down With the Clerical Regime! No Support to ‘Reform’ Mullahs!” (WV No. 939, 3 July) was incorrectly identified as an “Iranian woman being prepared for execution by stoning, 2004.” While the image illustrates the horror often visited upon women in Iran by the theocratic regime, it has been brought to our attention by a subscriber that the picture, which we also incorrectly credited to Amnesty International, was a still from the 1994 Dutch film De Steen (The Stone).

In investigating how we ended up violating our stringent standards on photo verification and fact-checking in running this image, we learned that it had been used in 2007 by right-wing ideologue David Horowitz. As someone commented at the time on the liberal blog “Sadly, No!”: “Doesn’t anyone on the right source check? I said it before and now I’ll say it again…Sweet Zombie Jesus, that just DUMB!!” Us, too. We apologize to our readers for the error.