Workers Vanguard No. 966

8 October 2010


On Economy Article


6 September 2010


I found the article in the latest Workers Vanguard “Economic Crisis and the Capitalist State” [WV No. 963, 27 August] well done and very informative. The entire capitalist world is in a debt crisis that would have any family ready to “sell the farm” and start bumming quarters on the corner. You quote an article from “The Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2010 to 2020” that the Congressional Budget Office poses the eventual affect of the payment of interest of the debt to become 3.2 percent of the GDP. Though this fact is of concern for the economists of the world of greater concern and impact to the average working stiff would be the percent of interest paid from the U.S. Government revenue.

Thanks again for the article.

In solidarity and struggle
Charlie M.