Workers Vanguard No. 996

17 February 2012


Against Sexual Puritanism


January 6, 2012

Letter of appreciation from Colombia:

To Workers’ Vanguard:

I felt such a sense of relief—and amazement—to see your article “Sentenced to Life in Child-Porn Witchhunt”, p. 2 Workers’ Vanguard Nov. 2011, which has just arrived out here in the Colombian jungle.

I have railed for decades against the New Suffocating Puritanism and the shameful unanimity in all sectors of society and all groups regarding it... most especially the utterly ridiculous fascistic “Age of Consent” laws that have ruined so many people’s lives, not to mention the vicious insane “child abuse” swoops on communities in the 70s and onward, of which we ourselves were victims (which was why we moved to the mal-named “third world” so we could bring up our kids in freedom).

I am particularly impressed (as in many other areas of your writings) with your bravery in the face of the present-day asphyxiating new wave puritanism and violent reactions to expression of any opposition to it.

I have forwarded your article with full acknowledgement and praise for WV to my political and personal mailing lists.

Jenny J.